Non-Profit Support Collection

Everything in this collection is Non-Profit. All profits support the represented causes. Thank you for helping raise awareness!
Disclaimer: Free shipping and discounts do not apply to these products.

I know some companies like to advertise how much of your money is going to charitable causes, but there's no proof to show you. I'm going to be straight up with you. I utilize a Print-On-Demand service (I do not hold inventory). For this reason, the cost of production and fulfillment is higher than average. I have set a flat shipping rate on all of the items in this collection. The reason for this is so that I do not have to calculate differences in shipping costs on every individual order. There is a live counter on this page from Pledgeling, and it will update as soon as you complete your order. Your donation amount will update the counter, and each month I get automatically charged for the current month's donations. Essentially, if your money isn't going where it's supposed to.....I'll be in trouble! Pretty cool, right?

The Breakdown: Total - Product & Print Cost - Shipping/Tax = Donation Amount 
T-Shirts: $8.53